Principles of Contract Law Workshop

Gain a sound working knowledge of the fundamental concepts of contract law

Principles of Contract Law

All contracts, regardless of subject matter, are underpinned by general contract law. However, non-legal professionals come into contact with contracts on a daily basis which can make contracts seem immense, intimidating and confusing. The Principles of Contract Law explores the fundamentals of contract law and aids in enhancing the decision making capability of the non-legal professional.


This particular workshop aims to develop and nurture competencies of both legal and non-legal professionals. At the end of this workshops participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of pre-contractual agreements, prepare and conduct effective pre-contractual investigations, demonstrate and formalise an agreement and focus on performance and execution of the contract among other topics.

Topic to be covered

• Statute Law
• Common Law
• Various types of contractual terms
• Consequences of breach
• The importance of conditions, warranties and innominate terms in contracts
• Misrepresentation & Mistakes as it applies to contracts
• The structure of an effective commercial contract with standard clauses

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Programme Dates: July 17th-18th, 2019
Programme Cost: TTD$ 3,800 (inclusive of lunch, training materials and Certificate of Participation)
Contact: 645-6700 ext. 411/286
Venue: North Campus, Mount Hope

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