Human Resource Policy Design Workshop

Clear and effective HR policies are an essential ingredient of any successful organisation

Human Resource Policy Design

Clear and effective HR Policies are an essential ingredient of any successful organisation. HR policies set out clear ground rules for employees and protect the employers. HR policies are written statements of the company’s standards and objectives and include areas such as recruitment, compensation, termination, benefits, employee relations and leave of absence.

This Human Resource Policy Workshop aims to assist participants in developing organisationally relevant HR policies to support employee management. As such, this workshop provides information on the role and function of HR policies in organisations, the structure a policy document and best practice guidelines for HR policy development and implementation.


Management and the Human Resource Department have roles in ensuring that
appropriate polices are developed and implemented. On completion of the workshop participants should:
1. Obtain template to guide the development of HR Policies.
2. Be aware of guidelines and or best practices for reviewing, developing and
disseminating HR policy documents.
3. Be more appreciative of the numerous ways in which good HR policies
contribute to effective HRM and the protection of the organisation’s

Topic to be covered

Some of the key topic areas addressed in the workshop are:
 The importance of HR polices to effective HRM
 Developing cultural relevant HR policies.
 HR policy accessibility and information dissemination.
 The role of the HR practitioner and other organisational stakeholders in the
development of HR policies.
 The effects and risk of ineffective HR policies on employee management.
 Guidelines for preparing and or reviewing HR policies.

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Programme Date: February 13th, 2020
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Programme Cost: $2,000
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