Fundamental of Procurement, Negotiating and Procurement Workshop

Understanding the tactical and strategic responsibilities of purchasing and supply.

Fundamental of Procurement, Negotiating and Procurement

Procurement, Negotiating and Contracting in the current economic climate presents many challenges to Supply Chain professionals. These challenges, however, are coupled with areas of opportunities. Today’s successful global businesses consider Purchasing as a strategic function that leads and enables change within an organisation.

This workshop would be beneficial to supply management professionals and professionals in functions that interact with purchasing or assume some purchasing duties who want to better understand the purchasing process, the bidding process, buying techniques, contract formation, supplier management and negotiations


This programme will engage participants in understanding the tactical and strategic responsibilities of purchasing/supply; the purchasing process; and the role of the professional buyer in the organisation. The course discusses the business and ethical sides of the procurement function and reviews and defines professionalism in purchasing. You will be guided through key supply management activities such as sourcing, quote solicitation, supplier selection, supplier management and negotiations.

In addition to reinforcing some of the fundamentals of procurement, this contemporary workshop will introduce participants to strategies that will ensure that their supply chains remain robust enough to withstand the many challenges.

Topic to be covered

The workshop will address the following themes:
• The Role of Purchasing in a Commercial Entity and the Purchasing Process
• The Role of the Purchasing Agent in Supplier Pre-Qualification
• The Importance of Compliance with EH&S and other Statutory Requirements (e.g. Tax, Insurance)
• Ethical Practices in Purchasing
• Supplier Selection, Development and Evaluation
• Vendor Relationship Management in, Sole Source, Single Source and, Multiple Source situations
• Legal Aspects of Purchasing & Supply
• Contract Types and Risk Mitigation strategies
• Strategies for Effective Negotiations
• The Negotiation Checklist
• Team Negotiations
• Difference in Negotiating for Goods vs Services
• International Transportation of Goods and the Use of Incoterms
• Effective Purchasing in an Economic Downturn

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Programme Date: October 23rd-25th, 2019
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Programme Cost: $4,200
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