From Managers to Leaders Workshop

9 Simple Coaching Methodologies that Enhance Team Performance & Increase the Bottom Line

From Managers to Leaders

Coaching is the most effective way to improve employee behaviour today. This 3-day, hands-on workshop teaches managers a coaching approach to leading teams and staff. Why?  Because, coaching shifts management from the hierarchical stance of “I know and you don’t” to a co-creative model.

“From Managers to Leaders” provides your managers’ with enhanced interpersonal skills, critical to effective leadership. The coaching techniques learned, when utilised, will increase trust and therefore reduce gossip. They can also dramatically improve morale and enhance team performance.


At the From Managers to Leaders Workshop Managers will learn and use proven conflict resolution techniques including skills like provocative questioning, interests and positions and will even learn to develop super listening. Your leaders will learn how to earn respect from upper management, peers and staff.

Participants can expect to challenge their own management beliefs and instead learn skills to surface their own and their employee’s genius from within. During this three day workshop, managers will shift to leaders and witness a new and higher level of productivity.

Topic to be covered

Topics to be covered include:
* Why do I need to coach?
* Keeping Your Cool in Hot Situations
* Coaching skills to move from Survive to Thrive
* Addressing Passive Aggressive Behaviours
* Difficult Feedback

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Programme Date: November 18th – 20th, 2019
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Programme Cost: $5,000
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