Corporate Governance for the Aspiring Director Workshop

For High Potential Professionals preparing for their first board appointment

Corporate Governance for the Aspiring Director

High potential professionals, executives or managers preparing for their first board appointment or mandate will be required to recognise and understand the responsibilities and value of effective directors. Being a board member is a very different role from being a senior executive and brings with it added complexity and unique responsibilities which are different from other management and operational roles. To successfully carry out a board mandate, directors must have a general overview of a company’s operational activities and corporate governance, including an understanding of its strategic objectives and exposure to risk. This online training programme is therefore designed to help prepare you to effectively function in this new role.


Participants of this workshop will benefit from an appreciation of the purpose for corporate governance and the scope of a board’s responsibilities, a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities that directors are required to fulfil and insights into strategies that can facilitate director effectiveness;
Participants will gain an appreciation of the difference between management and governance and insights on topical issues such as board diversity, anti-harassment, cyber security and other social and environmental issues facing boards today.

This programme would be beneficial to:
– Aspiring Directors
– Newly Appointed Directors
– Senior Directors

Topic to be covered

Topics to be covered in this progamme include:
 Purpose and benefits of corporate governance
 Board’s role, directors’ duties and liabilities
 How boards add value
 Strategies to be an effective director
 Attributes of an effective board
 21st century board challenges
 Board procedures and practices
 Conflicts of interest and Insider Dealing
 Governance in the context of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean

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Programme Date: October 16th, 23rd, 30th October, 2020
Programme Times: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Programme Cost: TTD $4,000 | USD $597
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