Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Implement an Enterprise Risk Management and Response Strategy based on Big Data and Analytics for Company Survival

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

In the actual world companies perform in an environment of fierce competition, scarce resources, increasing volumes of data, digital economy and uncertainty as projected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. To gain competitive advantage many organisations around the world have understood that relying on experience or in past know-how is not enough to approach new markets and achieve new positions in business. Big Data and Analytics and the use of data-driven decision making imposes as a necessity to model and achieve a numerical understanding of organisational objectives into actionable insights and measurements that drive performance.

In the actual circumstances of Covid-19 Pandemic, the necessity to implement an Enterprise Risk Management and response strategy based on Big Data and analytics is of key importance not only to maintain competitiveness, but for the survival of the organisation itself against an uncertain environment like we are living.


There is a strong agreement amongst leaders about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence catalysing new ways of doing business, creating new products, services and making inferences about the future that would seem Science Fiction a few years ago. In this workshop our main objective is to provide the participant with a high-level set of tools that will enable her/him to design a plausible Big Data Strategy for the organisation.

The development of a Big Data Strategy is not strange to the new environment we are living. For example, given the Big Data we are gathering from the Covid-19 Pandemic, is it possible to predict the following outbreak early enough to intervene and mitigate with minimum impact in lives and to the economy?

This workshop is designed for business leaders and senior managers who want to better understand and navigate the strategic impacts of data analytics and integrate it into their business model.

Topic to be covered

Topics to be covered in this programme include:
1. Building Block Concepts of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
a. Discussion of the historical moment of Big Data and the Fourth Industrial
b. What is Big Data and the value proposition of Big Data.
c. Understanding the definition of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
Analytics and Business Intelligence.

2. Understanding the Big Data Framework
a. Study of the 6 elements of the Big Data Framework and identify them in the
context of a business case.
b. Understand and apply the Big Data Framework maturity assessment and the
Capability Maturity Model (CMM) applied to evaluate the “As-Is” of your

3. Building your Big Data Strategy
a. Identify the business drivers for Big Data and how they contribute to build the competitive strategy of the organization
and decision-making structure.
b. Identify and apply the 5 steps towards building a Big Data Strategy
c. You have the strategy… Now what? Land your Big Data Strategy through Big Data Processes (Data Analysis, Data
Governance, Data Management, and Data Risk Management)
d. Develop KPI that really measure the performance of your Big Data Strategy.
e. Building the Big Data strategy document checklist: Analyzing the Mercedes-Benz-Petronas Formula 1 Big Data Strategy.

4. Big Data Architecture
a. Overview of the NIST Big Data Reference Architecture (NBDRA)
b. Review of business cases of Big Data Architectures.

5. Big Data Risk Management in times of COVID-19
a. Big Data risk management and 5 insights you should know.
b. Build your Big Data Risk Framework and Management Process.
c. Build the Analytical Strategy/Risk Matrix for your company and benchmark with competitors and other industries.
d. Simulation of Big Data Risk: Build scenarios and test your strategies with Analytic and Dynamic Systems tools.
e. Quantify the Value at Risk of your Big Data Strategy.
f. Identify and build your Big Data mitigation and resilience strategy.

6. Artificial Intelligence
a. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises and the operational definition of intelligence by Alan Turing.
b. Cases on Cognitive Analytics
c. Cases on Deep Learning
d. Future steps

a. Develop a high-level Big Data Strategy for Volkswagen Corp.

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Programme Details:
Class Dates: July 18th, 19th, & 25th, 2020
Class Times: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Programme Cost: $3,800
Contact: 299-0218 ext. 330/149

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