Lead and operate in the Global Maritime Industry.


The MPMM is designed to give an in-depth understanding of the key elements and trends in the global maritime and port management industry.



The MPMM programme prepares candidates to:

  • Develop specialized management, leadership and technical skills, enabling them to be competitive
  • Lead and operate in the Global Maritime Industry.
  • Advise and make informed decisions that contribute to the overall operations of an organization


Programme Design

  • Blended (face to face and online) class schedules
  • “Authentic Learning” teaching & learning approach, which provides practical courses, assignments, real and actual project-based and problem-based learning activities and presentations that will enhance your knowledge and skills that can be implemented in your organisation
  • Through case studies, simulations and group activities, students will gain global insights into the key aspects of the maritime business

Student Outcomes

  • Maritime Managers, Port Manager, Lieutenant, Shipping Co-ordinator, Assistant Manager, Technical Consultant, Logistics Training Co-ordinator, Marine Officer, Lead Marine Operations Specialist

Access to a prestigious MPMM Alumni Community

  • Alumni for the MPMM programme are at influential positions in private and public-sector companies such as PLIPDECO, Coast Guard, NGC, Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and many more across the Caribbean

Benefits of the Lok Jack GSB

Institutional Accreditation

  • Locally accredited by Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) Institutional accreditation
  • GATE Funding available for eligible individuals
  • UWI-Lok Jack GSB community with more than 2,000 alumni o Featured alumni
  • Local and International Faculty o Academic Faculty who have done extensive research in business education internationally
  • Practioners who are business owners and have successful operations and expansions in many territories
  • Faculty who facilitate learning and ensure you have grasp concepts for each area of business in this specialty
  • Networking opportunities/
  • Mentorship opportunities with prominent Alumni
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    • HigherEd EFMD Global Career Services § International Study Trip
  • Access the UWI´s Facilities (Library, Study rooms, etc. – include here what they actually have access to)

Access to a prestigious MPMM Alumni Community

Entry Requirements

Academic Entry:

A first degree with Honors in Maritime, Engineering, Science, Business or Management related area of study from an accredited university and three (3) years working experience.


A Class 1 Master Mariner or Chief Engineer certificate of competence with more than three (3) years maritime industrial experience


Mature Entry:

Applicants who do not possess an undergraduate degree, but have accumulated at least eight (8) years of supervisory or managerial experience in the port and maritime industry may be eligible through the mature entry route

Additionally, applicants are required to be computer literate (i.e. Microsoft Office Proficient and Internet Savvy)


  • Professional & Team Building Development Workshop (24hrs)
  • Info Literacy Workshop (6hrs)

Core Courses

  • PMMG 6001 Port & Maritime Economics & Business (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6003 Global & Local Dynamics of the Port & Maritime Sector (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6007 Maritime Law (36hrs)


  • Finance and Accounting Workshop (12hrs)

Core Courses

  • PMMG 6005 Maritime Information & Communication Technology (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6002 Maritime Logistics Management (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6004 Financial Management (36hrs)

Core Courses

  • PMMG 6008 Industrial Marketing Management for the Port & Maritime Industry (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6006 Executive Leadership & Human Development (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6010 Strategy Development & Innovation (36hrs)


  • Research Methods (18hrs)

Core Courses

  • PMMG 6012 Performance Management for the Maritime Industry (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6009 Shipping Management (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6011 Risk Management & Scenario Planning for the Port & Maritime Industry (36hrs)


  • Research Methods (18hrs)
  • Spanish for Business Purposes (36hrs)

Core Courses

  • PMMG 6013 Contemporary Issues in Port Management (36hrs)
  • PMMG 6014 Ship Chartering & Broking (36hrs)