The IMBDI programme is designed to create business creators with the mindset to pursue opportunities, creating new businesses

IMBDI Overview

The IMBDI is directed at students aiming to become entrepreneurs as well as managers or project leaders focused on international business development in existing corporations. The programme aims to prepare students with the different skills sets to launch and lead businesses as well as to develop and run businesses or business units with directions towards innovation, international expansion and growth. It will combine courses aimed at building the bridge between university education and practical business activity. To this end the programme will be highly interactive in format and international and interdisciplinary in dimension.

Furthermore, it is designed to create business creators with the mindset to pursue opportunities, creating new businesses, new products and services within existing companies thereby creating dynamism in the local and regional economies. Although not everyone who completes the programme will in the first instance create a business, graduates from this programme will always be in high demand in areas such as consultancy, consumer goods, energy etc. Indeed any industry that is trying to innovate to be at the forefront of economic activities, now and in the future will value the skill sets of graduate of this programme.

Programme Structure

IMBDI is a two-year part-time programme which consists of:

  • 13 Core courses
  • 5 Workshops
  • 1 Practicum

The academic year is broken into three trimesters, January to April; May to August; September to December; with exams and/or assessments in April, August and December. Traditionally classes areheld on evenings (5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) and on weekends.

Benefits of the IMBDI

  • Become an entrepreneur with a unique understanding of strategy
  • Learn what to innovate and how to innovate, with a customer centric approach
  • Become an expert designing unique and original business models
  • Get exposed to new technologies that are disrupting markets and traditional businesses and are re-defining the competitive space
  • By being exposed to human sciences, you will be capable of developing key insights about the customers’ hearts and minds.
  • By developing foresight, you will be aware of the critical soft and hard trends driving the new waves where innovative business will ride.
  • You will learn how to craft aglobal innovative new business venture
  • You will learn how to present your new value proposition and business plan to angel and institutional investors
  • World Class Faculty: Internationally recognized academicians and practitioners to ensure that your experience is a dynamic, practical and relevant one.
  • International Study Trip: Students will have the opportunity to visit and observe best practices internationally

Benefits of the Lok Jack GSB

Institutional Accreditation

  • Locally accredited by Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) Institutional accreditation
  • GATE Funding available for eligible individuals
  • UWI-Lok Jack GSB community with more than 2,000 alumni o Featured alumni
  • Local and International Faculty o Academic Faculty who have done extensive research in business education internationally
  • Practioners who are business owners and have successful operations and expansions in many territories
  • Faculty who facilitate learning and ensure you have grasp concepts for each area of business in this specialty
  • Networking opportunities/
  • Mentorship opportunities with prominent Alumni
    • Bizbooster
    • HigherEd EFMD Global Career Services § International Study Trip
  • Access the UWI´s Facilities (Library, Study rooms, etc. – include here what they actually have access to)

Designed to create business creators with the mindset to exploit new opportunities.

Entry Requirements

Degree Route

Prospective candidates for the Masters programme must posses

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with at least Lower Second class honours or its GPA equivalent in Business or Management, Economics, Engineering, and other related areas or any other professional qualification equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum of two (2) years working experience. If self-employed, candidates must provide evidence verifying their experience and exposure, subject to approval


  • ompleted the requirements for the Postgraduate Diplomain International Business Development and Innovation offered by the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business.

Persons without a first degree will not be allowed to enrol directly into the Master programme.

Non-degree route(Postgraduate Diploma)

Who can apply?

  • Candidates who do not hold formal university degrees but possess professional and/or academic certification and a record of active professional experience
  • Managers, Executives, Business Analysts, Consultants, Business Development Officers and persons involved in the development and expansion of business with the potential to meet the learning requirements of the programme with at least five (5) years’ relevant working experience.

Candidates with a Pass degree may be eligible for admittance through the non-degree route based on relevant work experience.

Transition from Postgraduate to Masters:

Students who successfully complete the 24 credits of the Postgraduate Diploma may transition directly to the Masters without being awarded the Postgraduate Diploma

Additionally, applicants are required to be computer literate (i.e. Microsoft Proficient and Internet Savvy)

Core Courses

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Developmen
  • International and Caribbean Business Environment
  • Design Thinking & Innovation


  • Preparation for Authentic Learning

Core Courses

  • Marketing Management and Innovation
  • Product Design and Development


  • Business Anthropology (24 hours)
  • Product Design and Development (72 hours)

Core Courses

  • Financing Growth & Expansion
  • Innovating the Value Chain


  • Financial & Management Accounting (24 hours)


  • Fundamentals of Leadership (92 hours)

Core Courses

  • HR Strategies for growth-oriented firm
  • Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics for Growth


  • Research Methods (24 hours)

Core Courses

  • Managing Networks and Internalizatio
  • Social Entrepreneurshi
  • Design Strategy & Innovation for Technology-based ventures

Practicum (Start)


  • Spanish for BusinessPracticum (Complete)


Practicum (Complete)