Professional Certificate in

Strategy and Innovation

Develop the capabilities in executing effective strategic decisions while acquiring deep insight into leading innovation in uncertain times.

Professional Certificate in

Strategy and Innovation

What is your strategy?

Covid-19 struck the world by complete surprise and we are now grappling with defining the idea of a new normal. How will social distancing affect consumer behaviour in the short and medium term? Your company is now forced to make decisions without complete and proper information.

This 4-modular Professionals Certificate provides participants with the insight and understanding needed to lead organisations in an uncertain global environment. It will provide business managers with a flexible, strategic toolkit to bring clarity and direction to the actions and decision-making of the organisation.

Learning Objectives

This programme will take participants through the development of effective strategic decisions and acquiring deep insight into leading innovation in uncertain times. Participants will be equipped with the tools to analyse strategic challenges that face their organisations and will improve their strategic decision-making in the light of the new economic and business realities.

At the end of this programme participants should be able to understand and define their space in the competitive landscape and build and foster a culture that supports the innovation challenge.


Modules to be covered in this programme include:
1. Strategy in a Time of Uncertainty
2. Defining your Market Space
3. Leading Innovation and Change
4. Building a Successful Executive Team

Programme Assessment:

At the end of the four modules, participants would be required to work in teams to explore how Covid-19 has affected your organisation and how your organisation is responding to the challenges. Strategic recommendations based on the content covered in this programme would also be required. Presentations would be expected to be between 20-30 minutes in duration.

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Programme Duration: August 2nd – October 2020
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