Professional Certificate in

Cost Management and Process Reengineering

Creating a culture of efficiency and optimisation.

Professional Certificate in

Cost Management and Process Re-engineering

The Professional Certificate in creating and implementing effective costing, cost management and re-engineering strategies with their organisations. Upon completion, participants will be equipped to optimise processes and eliminate wastage within their departments and across the organisation. 

Learning Objectives

This programme is designed for Senior Management in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Operations, Administration and Project Management. Participants will learn how to create a more efficient organisation that would be better able to withstand the negative effects of the turbulent economic environment, and capitalise on emerging opportunities. At the end of this programme participants would be required to present an analysis of their business’ present cost and process structure, highlighting its strengths and shortcomings.


1. Strategic Cost Management
2. Strategic Process Reengineering
3. Process Innovation
4. Cost Optimisation and Control
5. Creating a Culture of Efficiency and Optimisation

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Programme Start Date: July 4th, 2019
Programme Cost: $12,500. Group rates and payment plans available
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