Organisational Consulting


Enhance your HR Assessment and Organisation Design skills with these specialised certifications

Assessor Skills Certification

JUNE 25TH - 26TH

This two (2) day Assessor Skills Programme will enable delegates to learn the skills required to effectively assess candidates/employees competencies and skills for recruitment, succession profiling, performance and/or development.

Assessment Center (AC) Design Certification

June 27th

This one (1) day Assessment Centre (AC) Design Certification provides a comprehensive “tool box” to assist in the design of robust and professional assessment processes. This includes discussions on the appropriateness of a range of assessment activities including role plays, group activities, analytical presentations and in trays against customised Competency Frameworks.

WAVE Personality Assessment Certification

July 18th

In this one (1) day you will get certified and accredited to administer the industry-leading Wave personality assessment tool and learn how to use the integrated suite of reports for superior talent selection and development activities.  

Pre-requisite: qualified or experienced in a personality assessment tool and/or the Assessors Skills and Assessment Centre Design Certifications 

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