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The Arthur Lok Jack GSB
Open Day 2024

July 27th 2024

Join us at Lok Jack GSB Open Day to explore career opportunities, network with alumni and students, meet our esteemed faculty, and learn from influencers. Engage in workshops, register for one-on-one advisor sessions, and discover job opportunities. Reserve your spot now and start your journey to success!

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Open Day

Experience a day dedicated to empowering your career growth at the Lok Jack GSB Open Day 2024. Engage in interactive workshops, network with industry professionals, and explore academic programs designed to propel you towards success. This event is your gateway to new opportunities and valuable insights into the business world.

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Missing out on the Lok Jack GSB Open Day means losing the chance to gain firsthand knowledge from experts, access unique networking opportunities, and receive personalized career guidance. Without attending, you risk falling behind in an ever-evolving business landscape and missing the chance to fast-track your career goals.

Career Building Workshops

Participate in hands-on sessions that provide practical skills and strategies to advance your career.

Networking Opportunities

Participate in hands-on sessions that provide practical skills and strategies to advance your career.

One-on-One Sessions

Participate in hands-on sessions that provide practical skills and strategies to advance your career.

Corporate Booths

Participate in hands-on sessions that provide practical skills and strategies to advance your career.

Exclusive Insights

Participate in hands-on sessions that provide practical skills and strategies to advance your career.

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Participate in hands-on sessions that provide practical skills and strategies to advance your career.

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Advance Your Career with Our

Academic Programmes

Discover the cutting-edge Academic Programmes at Lok Jack GSB. Whether you’re pursuing a postgraduate or undergraduate degree, our contemporary courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Join us to enhance your career resilience, stay ahead of industry trends, and achieve your professional goals with confidence. Enroll now and take the first step towards a brighter future!

Bachelor of International Business

The Bachelor of International Business (BIB) provides students with the knowledge and insights required to propel organizations towards international fueled expansion, sustainability, and growth. International Business focuses on any commercial activity between companies, organizations, individuals, or government entities that crosses borders into different countries and regions.

Post Graduate

Business education has been transformed, not only in the way that knowledge is disseminated through online platforms, but the approach to solving new business problems is also evolving. Consequently, business requires knowledgeable, competent and resilient employees in order to be successful. The Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business is therefore pleased to offer business programmes that can prepare individuals to build resilience in their careers by upskilling their technical knowledge and competencies.

Elevate Your Expertise with

Executive Education

The Executive Education Centre is the premier regional knowledge hub dedicated to enhancing leadership, competitiveness, and both organizational and individual performance. Our mission is to empower professionals through high-quality educational experiences that foster growth and excellence in all areas of business. Whether you are looking to refine your leadership skills, boost your competitive edge, or improve organizational effectiveness, we have the right programmes for you.

Professional Certificates

Elevate your professional standing with our specialized Professional Certificates. These programs are meticulously crafted to provide deep dives into specific areas of business, empowering you with the expertise and credentials to advance in your field. Whether you’re looking to master digital marketing, finance, or strategic management, our certificates are your stepping stone to becoming an authority in your industry.

Short Courses

Our Short Courses are designed for the busy professional who seeks to quickly enhance their skills and knowledge in specific business domains. From leadership to innovation, these courses provide concise, impactful learning experiences that fit into your demanding schedule. Gain practical insights and tools that can be immediately applied to your work, driving tangible results and personal growth.

Connect with Over 3,000
Graduates Worldwide

Join a Global Network of Success

Our alumni body boasts over 3,000 graduates globally, forming a powerful network of professionals who share the unique bond of their Lok Jack GSB experience. These connections, forged through shared academic memories and professional networks, create a supportive community that extends far beyond graduation.

Engage with our alumni to gain critical insights from their journeys during and after our programs. Learn from their experiences, challenges, and successes as you navigate your own path. Use this platform to stay connected, no matter where life and your career take you. Tap into the wealth of knowledge and support from our accomplished alumni and enhance your own professional growth.

Experience Our

State-of-the-Art Campus

Explore the Lok Jack GSB campus, designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. Our facilities provide an exceptional learning environment that supports both academic excellence and professional development.

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