Information Systems and Technology Management

Unlock your potential in the digital age with our Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems and Technology Management (PGDISTM), a 6-month program offering flexible learning for SME Managers, Entrepreneurs, Export Managers, and Innovation Leaders.

Information Systems and Technology Management

Programme Overview

The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems and Technology Management (PGDISTM) is intended to offer students a sound understanding of the essential technologies and their application to organisations. Within a sector where many practitioners bear professional certification – typically from vendor-specific programmes, there is need for all participants to gain an appreciation of technologies and the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with these technologies as they manifest within organisations today.

Programme Attributes

Programme Objectives

Holistic Understanding

Students would gain a sound, holistic understanding of the various technologies being applied to organisations today.


Students would build on this by exploring on one part the deployment of these technologies within organisations, and on the other part those essential skills and techniques to effectively keep abreast of changes in the technology environment

Programe Schematic

Trimester 1 (January to April)
Trimester 2 (May to August)
Fundamentals Computer Networking, Telecommunications and the Internet
Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence
Database Systems and Management
Business System Integration and Technology Adoption
Information System Security, Ethics and Law
Electronic and Mobile Commerce
Workshop – Leadership
Workshop – AI at the workplace, Opportunities, Challenges & Threats

Who Should Attend

SME Managers


Innovation Manager

Export Managers

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Admissions Requirements

MBA Entry Requirement options

Degree Route

Possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with at least a 2.5 GPA or equivalent

Non - Degree Route

Candidates who do not hold formal university degrees but possess a record of active and extensive professional experience in the field. Candidates with five (5) years’ experience in related professions will be eligible for entry via this mature entry route. These candidates must be interviewed.

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