The Best Egg Vibrators for Stimulating Your Whole Bod

Specially created sexual toys for adults which can offer limitless possibilities of sharing sexual moments with your partner. They help you enjoy super intense stimulation outside and inside the bedroom, solo, with your partner or on public, creating the most intense stimulation for your own stimulation.


What is a Vibrating Egg sex toy?


Vibrating eggs are highly sensitive toys meant to stimulate the vagina in intense modes. They are sexual toys for grownups which can spice up the love life of any couple with limitless possibilities of using it. There are many types of vibrating egg toys on the market and all of them promise the same thing, smashing pleasure and super intense stimulation in any occasion you like. It is a toy mostly used by women but in some cases, by men as well. A toy available in different shapes and materials, highly affordable and reliable.

Main features and types


The vibrating sex egg comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. There are a few types of such sexual toy available on the market and these types are:


    • Remote controlled vibrating egg;


    • Wireless egg vibrator;


  • Manual vibrating egg.


Each of these types of vibrating sex toy can easily provide pleasure and stimulation but not all provide them in the same manner. While the manual vibrator egg stimulates the partner with the help of your moves and skills, the other two types, the remote controlled and the wireless vibration eggs provide pleasure with the help of specially created apps. These apps are well designed to stimulate the partner in amazing manners by using multiple styles and speeds. They come with a lot of features and in many forms, perfect to suit any of your sexual desires.

They can also come in sizes of less than 5 inches or more than 5 inches. Depending on your preferences and desires, the size may influence the stimulation in a good way. Most popular egg vibrators are the ones that are remote controlled, and that's because of the versatility and reliability of the product. A user can control by remote the speed or type of vibration, but he can also experience stimulation from the partner by letting him control the remote.


Choosing the best egg vibrator


In order to choose the best toy you must first decide whether you need the most powerful vibrating egg on the market or a medium one, the biggest one or a smaller version, a wireless one or a classic vibrator egg. These are the main options, and before setting up your configuration, it's always best to check out some vibrating egg reviews placed by other users. They will help in making up your mind and choosing the right solution.


While the reviews are always useful, it would be best if you would test some of the desires egg toys. Although not a cheap alternative, testing is the best way to choose a vibrating egg toy.

How to choose the right size?


When it comes to choosing the right size for your vibrating egg with remote or for your manual vibrator egg, things should be easy to settle, and the decision should be fast to make because such type of toys come in almost the same shape and almost the same size.


Online sex shop sell them by size in two forms:


  • Less than 5 inches;


  • More than 5 inches.

In reality, most egg vibrating toys for adults have:


    • Base type: Finger Loop;


    • Circumference: 3.5 inches;


    • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches;


  • Length: 1.5 inches.


Depending on your experience, skills and desires, a bigger egg toy might be needed to satisfy your sexual needs properly.

When it comes to choosing between the available types of egg vibration toy, setting yourself on buying a remote controlled one, a wireless one or a manual type egg is strictly up to your desires. The affordable price of the manual egg vibration toy makes it most commonly used type of vibrator egg but the other two types are also to be taken into consideration.


Choosing the right material and shape


About the shape, things are as clear as it gets, all vibrating love eggs have the shape of an egg but when it comes to the materials they are made from, these toys come in few versions:


    • ABS;


    • Plastic;


    • Silicone;


    • TPE;


  • Smooth coated plastic.

When choosing the right material, the vibrating sex egg reviews are beneficial. Reading what others use and gathering information about each type of material, in particular, will always grant you the best decision. While some prefer the silicone because of the texture and smoothness, others prefer the plastic because of the better reliability and resistance.


The eggs made out of silicone or ABS feel smoother and more lifelike while the Plastic ones or TPE ones are more rigid but better effective in providing stimulation. Either way, these toys are meant for smooth sexual activity and not for harsh sexual play or other kinky fetishes. The best material for your sex toy is the one that makes you feel the best stimulation during sexual intercourse.

How to use and store a vibrating sex egg?


To use the vibrating love egg on your partner or on yourself, make sure to have it turned on and placed accordingly. It can be used for clitoris stimulation, anal stimulation or vaginal stimulation as well. Place it on the targeted spot and enjoy the smooth stimulation the vibrations of the toy causes.


Just like any other toy for adults, the eggs vibrators need special care and hygiene. Using them is simple and reliable, with few simple steps to take into consideration before each use:


  • Make sure it's clean and disinfected;

  • Make sure it has no damaged parts;

  • Assure yourself of perfect functionality before inserting it.
  • After each use, always make sure:


      • The egg toy is cleaned and disinfected;


      • The vibrating egg is stored in a dry place;


    • The egg vibrator is safely deposited out of the heat and sun.


    Following these simple steps will grant your toy a longer life and optimum results for your sexual desires and activities.